Teaching will no longer be confined to the classroom with CoachSys  ‘Live Class’ feature. Anyone from any part of the world will have the opportunity to become a student of your educational institution. In interactive classes, they can not only see, but also talk. There will be live chat. You can take as many live classes as you want in one day. There is no time limit for live class sessions. A maximum of 70 students can participate in a live session by one teacher. But we talk about a maximum of 50 people, so that the quality of the class does not suffer. Not only that, multiple teachers can also take multiple classes at the same time. There is no limitation here either. No link or password sharing problem.

With batch based class schedule creation, everything in live classes will be created automatically. The live class icon will appear on the teacher’s portal ten minutes before the time mentioned in the schedule. As a result, classes cannot be taken before the allotted time. And as soon as the class starts, the SMS notification about the class will go on the mobile of all the students of that batch. Students will see the Join Class button after logging into their account. Clicking on it will redirect him to the live class. CoachSys will automatically take their attendance as soon as they join the class. The attendance report can be viewed by teachers and students themselves at any time on their own portal.

A teacher can mute any student during a live class. You can mute everyone with one click. Or you can mute everyone except him to give anyone a chance to speak. Also, before the start of the class, the teacher can start the class by keeping everyone muted or everyone’s camera off if necessary. This will ensure that everyone is muted or the camera is off when connecting to the class. There is a feature to raise hands if someone wants to talk while muted. If someone raises their hand, a notification will go to the teacher that they want to say something. However, live chat will also be running during the class. This live chat also has the option to chat privately with a specific person.

Teachers can share screens as well as videos in live classes. Any presentation or illustration or any application can be shown directly in front of the students. Students will be watching his shared screen as well as listening to him. You can take classes online much like taking classes on an offline projector.

If the internet connection is weak, teachers or students can set their bandwidth as needed. There are four types of low bandwidth, low definition, standard definition and high definition. At low bandwidth the student’s camera will be turned off, only able to listen and speak. As such, it is possible to work with low definition. We saw a bandwidth consumption of 30/32 kbps at low definition. A student will get 115 to 120 megabytes of data for one hour of class. Standard definition consumes 70 kbps bandwidth. 250 megabytes of data will go in one hour class.