CoachSys will make your admission process easier. You can confirm the admission by selecting the specific course and batch only with the admission form number and then with the student’s details like name, phone, address, parent’s name, parent’s phone number.

There will be several jobs here at the same time. The student will be admitted, immediately he will have an account, by logging into the account he will see all his information. And at the same time a bill will be generated in his name as per the admission fee of his course, which he will be able to pay later in lump sum or in installments.

If the SMS event is activated, the admission notification will go to him. Also bill notification will also go to SMS. All this will be done in less than 1 minute, and that too perfectly. Because you don’t have to enter the amount of the bill. So there is no chance for mistakes.

All the work can be done on mobile. That means you don’t need to invest in a separate PC. Not only that, if you want you can do it on PC and give a print of the admission information to the parent or student. There is an opportunity to give that too. That is, we have thought about everyone.