Start Live Class Session

Teacher can start live class session by clicking on Start live class session menu option.


It will pop up a dialog window like below.


Teacher can select the built-in service to start the video conference. Also, system is designed in a way that teachers can use preferred external video conferencing service too. When user proceed with that option (built-in service option), system will redirect you to the instructions page.


Teacher can easily start the live session by clicking on Start Live Class button at the bottom of the page.

Also, there is a settings button at top right-hand corner which can be used to change the participant’s audio and video.


Teacher can mute/unmute participant’s audio using the toggle button “Set participant audio mute”.

It is possible to mute the video of participants using “Set participant video mute” toggle. Also, you can use “Require participant display name” toggle to set student’s name since it can’t be integrated with the video conferencing tool. So, it needs to be manually set by participant.


It will launch the in-built video conferencing tool as shown.In-built video conferencing tool has several useful options that teachers can use.


1 -Users can open and close chat window

2 –Teacher can share his/her screen with the students using “Share your screen” button. When you click on the button, browser will pop up a dialog by asking which window or screen to share.


From the dropdown, you can select the preferred screen and click on “allow”. Now all the other users can see your screen through the video conferencing window.

3 – if you are in the audience and need to raise a question to the presenter, then you can easily click on the “Raise/Lower your hand” button. So, the presenter can see that you need to raise your voice.

4 –anyone in the conference can mute/unmute your microphone when needed

5 – if you need to share your video, you can use “Start/Stop Camera” button. You need to have a camera to do this.

6 – “Leave” button can be used to end the call

7 – by clicking on “Invite people” button, teacher can invite more people by sharing the meeting link. Even you can share the link via popular mail clients like Gmail, outlook and yahoo.

8 – teachers can protect the meeting by adding a password to the meeting. Then the meeting can be accessed by only providing this password. If you click on “Security Options” button, you will be getting a Security Options popup window as shown.


Now teacher can click on “Add password” button and type the password in text box.


More actions can be found as shown below.


9 – can access to user settings like display name, devices.

10 – can manage video quality from low bandwidth to HD.


11 – Users can switch between full screen or normal window by clicking on “view full screen/exit full screen”

12 –Teachers can live stream the conference using “live stream” button and entering YouTube Live streaming key in the box.


13 – Teacher can record the session by clicking on “Start recording” and you need to be logged into drop box first.

14 –can access to settings as mentioned in 9th point.

15 –Teacher can mute his/her audience by clicking on “Mute Everyone”

16 –You can check the speaker time by clicking on this button

Users can also use external video conferencing services with CoachSys.

You can add meeting links from zoom, google meet, duo and etc… as shown below.


When teacher click on create button, it will notify students by a SMS.



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