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*This information was last updated on October 20, 2023

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CoachSys Ready With All The Features You Need

feature 24

Everyone Has Their Own Account And Dashboard

CoachSys isn’t just for admins. For all the students of the CoachSys institution, also for all the teachers and staff. Everyone can login to view or work on the information they need.

Physital B2B Edtech Platform

CoachSys has been developed keeping in mind both physical coaching and digital (online virtual) coaching. Whether you run all the activities of your coaching center offline or online or both or some online and some offline, CoachSys is suitable for everything. And that’s why we say CoachSys is a BTOB physical edtech platform. CoachSys

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feature 03

Admission Management

CoachSys will make your admission process easier. Students can apply online. And your work will be only to approve or reject. Again, you can fill in all the information yourself if you want.


CoachSys has integrated SMS and email notifications with over 20 events. Starting from features like notifications going off with the start of online live classes, notifications will also go off on student admissions, payments, exam marks or notices. Not only that, there is also an opportunity to customize them as per your wish.

feature 04
feature 05

As Much As One Click

CoachSys aims to reduce the hassle of your day-to-day work so that you can spend more time on improving the quality of your coaching. And so many time consuming tasks are done in one click.

Exam Results

Who has scored in any exam will go to everyone’s account instantly. Everyone will see their own results. And if this event is enabled in the notification, there is no problem. It will go to everyone’s mobile number and email. There will also be a mention of the student’s own marks, highest marks, position in the merit list.

feature 06
feature 07

Live Interactive Class

Teaching will no longer be confined to the classroom with CoachSys ‘Live Class’ feature. Anyone from any part of the world will have the opportunity to become a student of your educational institution. In interactive classes, they will not only be able to see, but also talk. There will be live chat. No link or password sharing problem. As soon as the class starts, students will see the link to join the class on their dashboard.

Unlimited Anything!

CoachSys  wants to play a role in developing your coaching by creating unlimited possibilities

feature 08
feature 09

Batch Based Tasks

In any coaching center each course covers one or more batches. CoachSys  works to tie all the activities under this batch into one thread.

Student Attendance

CoachSys automatically captures students’ attendance when they attend live classes. And in the case of general offline classes, the attendance of each class can be taken directly from Coachsys without the help of any attendance device, which is also an opportunity to send to the parent through mobile SMS. Not only daily attendance but also monthly attendance report can be sent via SMS. And the student or parent has the opportunity to view the attendance information at any time by logging into their account.

feature 10
feature 11

CoachSys For Students

Students will have their own account created immediately after admission.

CoachSys For Office Staff

CoachSys has its own teachers portal for staff. A staff member of an academy using CoachSys logs into his account and finds all his work related information in one place in the staff portal.

feature 13
feature 12

CoachSys For Teachers

CoachSys  has its own teachers portal for teachers. A teacher of an academy using CoachSys  can log into their account and view all their related information at a glance in the Teachers Portal.

Share Course Material

Any course material including lecture sheets can now be read online. According to the course and batch, it can be uploaded in word or image or PDF format and accordingly students will get the opportunity to read or download it by logging into their account.

feature 14
feature 15

Class Schedule

One day there will be no need to tell again and again which class belongs to which batch. Once the admin has created the class schedule, any student can login and check his own batch schedule. If the teacher wants, he can see when he has been assigned to what class of any batch.

Stock Management

Everything from office supplies to student gifts and merchandise for sale can be stocked at CoachSys. You can see how much was bought for how much, when how much was used, when how much was sold, the current amount – everything.

feature 16
feature 17

Income-Expense Management

Who paid the admission fee while enrolling in which course, how much was left, how much money was paid in later stages. If it is a monthly salary, there will be a thorough account of who paid how much in any month, how much is the total due now. Students can check their account by logging into their account. So, there will be no more room for misunderstanding. Not only that, the teachers can also see how much they received for which class, how much they owed, and how much they received by logging into their own accounts. No coaching or training center authorities have thought of such a thing before!

Detailed Report

The report module is not limited to income expense reports. Detailed financial, result, attendance and personal information of each student can be seen. Besides, there are detailed reports of each teacher and staff. There is also a detailed report of SMS. There is also a report of server space used.

feature 18
feature 23

Digital Marketing

CoachSys did not skip the very important thing like digital marketing. In addition to integrating with Google and Facebook, there is also the facility of running promotions.


CoachSys is always conscious about client support, and hence the app has built-in WhatsApp support.

feature 20
feature 19

Android App

Android users have the opportunity to use the Android app by downloading it directly from Playstore.


Branding is an important issue that is often neglected in small and medium enterprises in our country, we have kept an equal eye on it.

feature 21
feature 22


CoachSys is built with many more untold features

CoachSys Understands Your Pain, so…

prize 1

Free plan usage is for lifetime

CoachSys free plan is not a temporary free trial, it is a plan that can be used for free for lifetime. Any coaching center can safely use the free plan for lifetime if the student limit is not crossed.


Only active student accounts are counted!

One of the major limitations of CoachSys  plan is the number of students. There also only your active students are counted. Students who are not in your coaching center now, if their accounts are deactivated, they will no longer be recognized by CoachSys! That means you can keep the data of all students for life. And for all that, literally no money has to be paid.

business card

Counting multiple admissions of a student as one!

Not only active students are counted, but multiple admissions of a student are also counted as one student by CoachSys. That means if a student takes admission in five different courses in your coaching center, then only that student will be counted there i.e. not five but one.


Unlimited admin, teacher, staff accounts

CoachSys only counts the limit of active students, and allows deactivated students to keep all data completely free. Rather, it allows creating admin account, teacher account, staff account as desired. And there is no limit on them in any Coachsys plan. Even the free plan does not have this limit!

domain 1

Unlimited courses and batches

Number of courses, number of batches are all unlimited in CoachSys, even in the free plan. You can create any number of courses you want, teach batches. CoachSys wants your coaching center to grow by breaking the barriers of restrictions.

email 1

Completely free email notifications

SMS and Email are integrated with every event in CoachSys. And all emails are completely free. That is, give notice or result or payment notification to the students of your coaching center. All of this can be sent to his email for free! Even the free plan has this benefit!


Possibility of package upgrade downgrade at any time

If you buy a big plan of CoachSys today and tomorrow seems to downgrade from that big package to a small plan, then you can do it without a single thought. The amount paid in the larger plan will be adjusted to your smaller plan. Similarly, you can upgrade to a bigger plan anytime by purchasing a smaller plan.

whatsapp 1

Instant support on WhatsApp

At any time, you can send a message for any support directly to CoachSys WhatsApp business account as an admin or staff for any issue. CoachSys support team is always at your side. Free plan customers are not out of this support!


Ability to customize notifications

More than twenty one different events in CoachSys   have integrated SMS and email. There is an opportunity to customize their writing format as desired. At the same time, there is an opportunity to show any data using the shortcode attribute.

CoachSys does not act like a machine
but also sees the human side


Filtering facility also at the time of sending of due notification

While sending the due notification to the students, there is an option in CoachSys where you can set that if someone has made a payment in the last 1 day or 2 days, the notification will not go to him even if he has a due.

delete account

If there is student due, account can be disabled with one click

While sending the due notification, there is no need to see which students have dues and who have no dues, similarly there is no need to waste time checking everyone one by one to block the login access of those who have dues. CoachSys has the option to deactivate the account of all those who have dues in one click, which will save your valuable time.

late payment

Grace period even after expiry of paid plan

Payment of subscription fee may be delayed due to any reason. CoachSys realizes that even if the payment period of the paid plan has passed, some additional days are given in the form of a grace period, just to show respect to the subscribers.


Ability to view class-wise payments from teachers' accounts

Among the teachers who receive class-based payment, they can also see what payment they have received for taking the exact class by logging into their teacher account. With each bill generated, if it is a bill generated for a class, then it is mentioned, along with the link of the class, you can check it if you want.


Automatic attendance in online classes saves time

Attendance in online live class takes time, there is no chance to waste that time in CoachSys. Auto Attendance will be done as soon as any student joins the class to save your valuable time.


No one will be allowed to make a mistake in the mark entry

Ranking is auto while entering exam marks, sms also goes, exam report is also done. But another important check that is done by the coach is that it does not allow mistakes in the entry of marks, i.e. no one can give more marks than the maximum marks.

The features of the CoachSys hidden behind the eyes


Fast CDN integration

A CDN is integrated into all accounts, even free accounts, to ensure that CoachSys  users enjoy fast speeds no matter what type of internet connection they have. Distributed CDN network of more than 25 tier-1 premium data centers worldwide!


Worry Free Backup

All data of CoachSys users is automatically backed up 5 times a day. So you can rest assured about the risk of losing your data. Even free plan users get this amazing opportunity.

email 1 1

Branded Email

The email integrated with every event of CoachSys is not only completely free, but also customizable, all emails are branded with the user coaching center’s name and logo to its students and teachers. Important thing like branding which is often neglected in small and medium enterprises in our country, we have kept an equal eye there.


User Account Security

All admin, students, teachers, staff account passwords are fully encrypted. There is no way for anyone to know that. Not only that but also fully secured with SSL certificate. CoachSys thinks about safety first.

mobile device

Android App For Everyone

Not only regular and premium package customers of CoachSys, but even free plan customers can use the Android app. After logging into the CoachSys account, the Coaching Center logo appears on the app’s splash screen! Which gives the feeling of a completely personalized app to the user.

system update

Get Unlimited Time Updates For Free

CoachSys always wants to outdo himself. So its update is an ongoing process. The update comes after a few days, and no customer has to pay any kind of payment for that update. With just a monthly subscription fee, they get access to all the new features year after year.

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Varsity/Medical Admission Coaching


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Professional Skill Training Centre


BCS/Bank Job Coaching


Language School


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School of Religious Studies

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Music school

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Drawing School


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Medical Training Center


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Sewing Training Centre

What CoachSys Users Are Saying

"Center of Business Studies Coaching Narayanganj. The journey started from the year 2014. All the subjects of Inter, Honors, Degree, Masters of Commerce are taught here. Along with teaching many subjects, it was often a problem to control many students properly. I was thinking about this problem for a long time. Here are some of the main problems that can be easily solved:
1. Keeping student salary account
2. Notifying each student separately by SMS
3. Informing parents about student progress
Solving many such problems was complicated and time consuming. After a long time that problem ended.
In April 2020, during the corona period, my journey started with CoachSys. I have been with CoachSys for 3 years. In these 3 years, their work efficiency and the constant new features of their site are making our coaching work easier day by day. Many thanks to CoachSys for this."

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Md. Ataur Rahman, Founder and Director

Center of Business Studies Coaching, Narayanganj.

"Many other coaching centers have faced many problems due to using CoachSys long before the advent of Corona, but we have not faced them.

Results of regular online exams are given immediately in SMS along with merit list. After taking the online payment, we inform you in the SMS notification. Students can read or download lecture sheets by logging in to CoachSys themselves. Online admission has come as a new feature in Corona.

Thanks CoachSys . Hope to see many more new features like this in the future."

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Md. Nasir, Manager,

Rizvi's Biology and Dr. Rizvi's Medical Project, Chittagong.

I have been using CoachSys in my organization for 3 years now. From 2012 to 2020 we used to manage student data manually or through Excel.

I know about CoachSys through facebook ad and I like their demo site. Since then we have been using coachsys. So far I have received some amazing feedback from using coachsys. I find the information that students or guardians have access to at home because of the student access interface in CoachSys is fantastic.

And I also like the updated features that CoachSys brings every few days. The best thing is, the developers of coachsys do a great job and work according to our needs.

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Emon Chowdhury, Director,

Boroi toll Computer Training Center, Chakaria, Cox's Bazar.

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